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New Blog!


I have moved! Please head over to The Little Sea Witch to check out the new digs. I’m still tweaking the layout- I have plans to add a custom graphic and change the white to something a little less stark- but it’s up.

The fate of Eleven-Pm.org is still a little unsure, at the moment. I’m holding on to the domain name for another year, at least, while I decide what to do.

Hope to see you there!

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I am being very bad and procrastinating. I have homework to do, and it’s really frustrating me at the moment, so instead I have been wandering around G+. I am letting myself do a quick blog entry, and then I have to buckle down and get some goddamned work done.

I’m still sick, but mostly functional. I’ve still been sleeping a lot, it feels like someone scrubbed my throat with steel wool and filled my sinuses with cement and I ache all over. Right now I want to crawl into bed, even though I only got up an hour and a half ago. Part of today’s tiredness is from being out and about with Mom yesterday, though.

Her aunt Annette is in the hospital, so we went to visit her. She checked herself in on Friday, I think, but we didn’t find out until Saturday. Apparently the doctors found a large clot in the bottom of both lungs, and her right leg is full of clots. They’ve got her on an IV of Heparin (a blood thinner) and put a filter in a vein in her right leg. She’s an extremely active woman, despite her age (she’s 75 or so? I’m not precisely sure.) She goes for an hour long walk every day, and hikes regularly. The doctors have absolutely no idea why she has all these clots. She looked and felt fine when we visited- talked up a storm, as usual- but she’s going to be there at least until Thursday.

I bought some little stockings at Target for my cats, and they are currently hanging from my electric hearth. It looks adorable, especially with the teeny fake xmas tree I also got. I am feeling unusually festive this year- I’m wondering if it’s the antidepressants. I don’t think I’ve ever been much of a grinch, but this year I want to decorate with lights and such, which I’ve never had much interest in in years past. I still don’t want to be involved with decorating the proper xmas tree- Mom just rearranges everything anyway, so she might as well do it her way from the start.

I’m looking forward to the solstice, too. I’ll be in TC’s MUX for the annual Up All Night Technopagan festivities. Erin’s recent blog also inspired me to do some Sviata Vechera/Holy Supper cooking myself, but because I decided this rather last minute, and I’m a terrible cook, I intend to do some baking instead. I know there will be cookies and cupcakes, at the very least. I don’t know if I’m actually going to attempt staying up all night, but I know being in chat will keep me awake longer than if I just try to stalk the thread. I also want to do some crafting, but I don’t know what, yet.

I’m still really enjoying Once Upon A Time. I also watched SyFy’s Neverland last night. As with Tin Man, it was well cast, and the visuals were beautiful, but the plot just stunk. (Alice was even more disappointing- not only did the plot stink, but I was largely unimpressed with the scenery or the casting. I liked the White Knight and the Hatter, and that’s about it.) It kept making me twitch, because in this version no one in Neverland ages, but in the book, it’s just Peter. In fact, Peter actively “thins out” the Lost Boys when they get too old. I’m not holding my breath for the conclusion tonight to be much better, but I intend to watch regardless.

I can’t think of anything else, which means it’s time to do some homework. Blah.

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New Site!


I’ve been thinking about making a change, and when Dad emailed me about renewing my domain, I decided it was time for a change. A fresh start. I won’t be moving any of my old posts, because honestly they’re just me blathering on anyway. It’s not set up yet, but I’ll post a link once it’s ready.

On Black Friday I went out and got a Nook- the old school e-ink one, not the color ones. I love it. I bought the fourth book of Gail Carriger’s Parasol Protectorate series, Heartless, which I didn’t even know was out yet. I intend to buy it in paperback, too, but it was neat to sit in bed and buy a book and start reading.

Dad sent me this Time Lord meme from Cluegirl; I am apparently the 8th incarnation of the Student, known for my pink & purple plaid pajama pants. I travel with my dad, and my catchphrase is “fabulous”, in varying levels of enthusiasm and snarky deadpan.

Thanksgiving was pleasant and uneventful. I tried turnips for the first time at Mom’s side and liked them. I had 4 glasses of wine at Mark’s side and was entirely nonplussed by any of the high volume shrieking. I ate a lot of mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce (my traditional turkey-day meal, as I am allergic to turkey.) Also, mass quantities of apple crumb pie. I noticed, though, that it didn’t really “feel” like Thanksgiving, if that makes any sense. I think it’s because of Snowtober, it just threw everything off.

I have been largely under the weather since Mom’s birthday on the 11th; I appear to have the flu (which is not a big surprise.) Fevers, chills & sweats, headaches, sore throat, exhaustion, body and joint aches. I’ve been drinking a lot of water and trying to get plenty of rest, but since I practically sleep 10 or 11 hours a night anyway, getting more isn’t always possible or good. I know I haven’t been eating quite enough, but since we haven’t had a fridge in the basement since Snowtober, there’s been limited foodstuffs in the house. I’m hoping to get back to my acupuncturist soon- I usually feel better after a session.

I feel like I was going to relate something else, but suddenly I am very tired and keep zoning out, so I’m going to call it a day (or a night, at this point!)

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Tracking My Projects


So basically, I’m a mess. Depressed and stressed and ugh. And things- projects and goals- keep falling by the wayside because I don’t have the energy or attention span. So! Much like Life’s To Do List over on TC, I am going to post a list of my current projects and goals and try to update it every week or two, so that nothing goes ignored for too long.

01. Coursework. Finish it.
I have 1,325 pages left.

02. FlameKeeping SIG.
There are 5 ‘Discussion of the Week’ threads I have not posted in that I need to, and I want to blog my answers to one essay a week.

03. Stories of the Spirit SIG.
I need to read Chapter 1 by Monday and post my responses in the thread.

04. Hazel & Oak SIG.
I want to get back to posting at least 1 resource a day from the list, as well as post a link to the site in the SIG leader lounge for Randall to take a look at. Also, I feel like I should do something to help bring up activity in there, but…. I have no ideas.

05. Cill SIG.
I feel like I’ve been totally MIA lately, so I just need to get my presence up in there. Post more.

06. BPAL & Craft Supply Swap groups.
Decide what the hell to do with them.

07. Oracle deck.
Decide whether I’m watching Buffy next or Doctor Who and get going.

08. Crocheted quilt.
Find some sock-weight yarn I actually want to crochet with!

09. Masks.
I think Brighid’s, Hetharu’s and Hekate’s will be my three religious craft projects (as listed on my TC LTDL.) I have the imagery and colors all figured out, I just need the clay and to actually sit down and do it.

10. Teacups & planters.
I don’t have teacups yet for any of my gods; I don’t have planters for any of my gods, Athene and Seshat. Also, I need to figure out some sort of display so that I’ll have enough room on my hearth for twelve teacups & saucers and the planters.

11. Writing. Do it.
Also a TC LTDL goal; I want to write on at least 75% of the days of November for NaNo. So far I’ve done 3 out of 7, which is under 50%, which is not good.

12. Etsy store stock.
This is two of my LTDL goals, actually: list something on etsy, and non-religious crafting. Well, sort of. I’m too tired to explain- I just need to get my two gift projects done and then I get get to work here.

13. Read.
My LTDL goal is 6 fun books and 3 religious; I’m currently at 3 fun and 2 religious read.

14. Exercise.
Another LTDL goal- exercise for at least 15 minutes at least 3 times a week for 6 weeks straight.

15. Language studies.
One more LTDL goal- I want to read the French translation of “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.”

16. SPELLnet.
I know I was going to leave this on the back burner until next summer, but it’s been nagging at me, so I’m going to let myself play with it from time to time until then.

I think that’s everything. Possibly. Hopefully.

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Snowtober and the Year Without Halloween


For those of you who didn’t know, I live in Connecticut, and last weekend we got hit with the snow storm that walloped New York and Pennsylvania and some other areas too, I expect. Originally the estimate was about 5 inches of snow; that promptly jumped from 5-8 inches, and then up to 6-10. In the end we had somewhere between 9-11 inches of snowfall. Very heavy, wet snowfall.

It wasn’t long before tree branches started coming down- one large bough snapped at the end of the driveway, making it impassable, so I walked up to my neighbor’s house to see if he could help me move it. He brought a very long saw and we got it down and dragged into the backyard. Soon after, a large limb came down from the magnolia tree at the top of the driveway. Then another, and then another, and then another. Another came down at the end of the driveway- that one I sawed down myself- and a clump of the magnolia came down right where my car windshield would have been had it not croaked on me. The dogwood in the front split, too, but the part that’s still standing is pretty salvageable. The magnolia, and the tree whose species I do not know at the end of the driveway, both have to come down. As does the tree in the backyard that was covered in vines- a chunk of the tree and all the vines came down, obliterating our path to the shed. We are shocked the shed is still standing, actually, as through most of the night we heard a tree cracking over it.

The power went out a little after 1am on Sunday morning, and later in the day we got a call from the town letting us know it would be days before CL&P would restore power to our area. We also learned that our town was completely without power. Our house is entirely electric, and has a well, so we had no heat and no toilets. Not fun. I spent most of Sunday inside, watching Mark clearing the driveway with his snowblower for the first time, and helping Mom move the Halloween decorations, as she was convinced people were going to be trick or treating on Monday night even though we weren’t expected to have power yet. The town later called with their automated message and told people to stay home- it was too dangerous to be trick or treating. They later went to Uncle Matt’s to shower, while I stayed home and tended the fire, and they came back with a battery-run inverter that we could plug some lights into, and run the fan on the wood stove to move the heat around.

Monday both Mom and Mark had to work. The town Mom works in never seems to lose power, and the post office doesn’t close just because they can’t turn the lights on. :sweat: I spent the day hauling in firewood to keep the wood stove in the basement fueled, and making sure the fire didn’t go out. We learned that it could be anywhere from 7 days to two weeks before we got power back.

So on Tuesday I drove with Mom to work, and started calling around to find a generator. They were, unsurprisingly, scarce, but the Lowe’s in New Haven claimed to have them, so I met up with Uncle Matt and we drove over. (We got lost, but that was my fault.) Lo and behold, they had generators! 5 or 6 dozen of them, I’d say, and there were people everywhere, carting them off in two’s and three’s. Uncle Matt bought one and so did I; they didn’t have the cord we needed, though, to run the power into the house, so we went to the Lowe’s in Derby and then a little electronic store. Uncle Matt set the whole thing up, put together the cable and showed me how to turn it on. Unfortunately I learned that I lack the upper body strength to start the damn thing.

So we had water restored! And we could use some lights, and run a few space heaters. We kept up with the fire, though. Wednesday…I don’t remember much about Wednesday, to be honest, except that Mark was off from work and Uncle Kenny came by and disconnected the lower heating element in the hot water heater, so we could run it for short periods of time to take showers. The first attempt sprayed hot water all over the basement, thanks to an apparently weak overflow valve or something. (We learned the hot water heater was going on 11 years old, and it was only expected to last 9, so.)

Thursday Mom was off from work, but she spent most of the day out at appointments and doing errands; I kept an eye on the fire and tried to catch up on some homework. The day was largely uneventful, really, until that evening, when the power came back on- to be followed, roughly ten minutes later, by the hot water heater basically exploding in the basement. Needless to say, it is shot and must be replaced. Of course, for some reason all the water in the house goes through it, so despite having power we had no goddamned water again.

Which brings us to today! Mom bought a new heater after work- it is sitting in her car at the moment, as Uncle Kenny won’t be coming over to install it until tomorrow morning.

Somehow I have managed to relate this whole adventure without mentioning the numerous ways I have hurt myself this week. I cut my hand on the saw, though not badly- it just bled a lot. I got a major bruise on my inner thigh, which I think was from hauling the fallen tree branches out of the driveway and the path to the firewood in the backyard. I had a very large tree branch fall on my right shoulder and upper back (I was leaning over at the time, trying to drag a different fallen tree branch) which had blossomed into a large, tender bruise. This was all on Saturday, during the storm. On Monday I slipped on a patch of melting ice and mud while bringing in firewood and landed right on my tailbone, which is also bruised. And Tuesday I wrenched a muscle in my left arm attempting to start the generator. On top of all this, breathing in cold air during the day and night for several consecutive days has given me some sort of mild cold- my throat is extremely sore, I am moderately congested and I have a perpetual headache. Also, I’m getting menstruation cramps now that I’m off my birth control, even though my doctor said it would probably take months for the hormones to get out of my system and it’s only been two weeks.

So, that’s been my fun and exciting week!

In other news that doesn’t involve power outages and snow… hm. Well, I’ve watched both episodes of Once Upon a Time and I rather like it, even if it isn’t the best quality tv- it’s still fun. I liked the premiere of Grimm somewhat less, and since the cable hasn’t come back up I’ll have to wait until tomorrow to watch the second episode online. I have written just over 1k for NaNoWriMo- I’m not aiming to win, just to get myself writing dailyish again. I found out my ex-boyfriend is married (to an 18 year old, which I admit worries me some; I really hope that they’re just happy and he didn’t get her pregnant or something.) I have procrastinated picking up Twelve Wild Swans again even though I really need to, as I haven’t even finished chapter one and I think they’re already done with two on TC. I have been reading Alternity somewhat obsessively, and thinking on and off about SPELLnet. I have done a ton of mindless window shopping on Etsy.

Being the 4th of November, today is also Alice Day, but I feel too gross and tired and aching to do anything. I may watch a movie later, in bed, but I don’t know. It’s only 8:36pm and I’m already considering bed. And also what to do for my TC Cill shift, which starts tomorrow at sunset.

I think I have probably rambled on enough for one day!

ETA: Apparently Halloween is back on! We just got a call from the down, rescheduling Trick or Treating for tomorrow night. :)

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